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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

It's 5:00 on Thursday, what's your social? Drinks or gym? How about both...

In the craziness of life, it seems we often have to choose between our health and social life. That’s not the case with Megan and Adamah.

Read how this duo strengthens their friendship bond and create a community around a shared love of a gymnastics, adventure, and fun!


Natalie: Tell me a little about your relationship with gymnastics and how this connection came about in your friendship.

Megan and Adamah

Megan:  I first started gymnastics when I was a kid. I moved back to NYC and was really missing it. I found Chelsea Piers offered adult classes. I went for a year in a half and then got really busy with work so I stopped going.  Then my friend Adamah moved back to NYC from Philly and I convinced him to come with me to the class.

Adamah: I did gymnastics when I was a kid for less than a year but had to stop because of scheduling. Megan knew I was kind of into it because we had done some when we first met.  We were talking about how we never saw each other in years. We lived in different countries and different states. When we were finally back in NYC we thought this would be a good way to bond and try something new.  I got hooked. From that, we strengthened our friendship and formed a larger group.

Megan: Yeah, it was just the two of us but we started going consistently and then met people who were doing the same so now we are a solid group of 6.  We have gone to gym competitions, do a cabin trip every year, hang out outside. It’s really fun our group has grown and we’ve made even more friends.


What brings you joy about gymnastics?

Adamah: If I were to give you one sentence it’s because I get to fly.  I love that you can work on different things. I get bored really quickly and there are so many things you can focus on in gymnastics. There are cartwheels, round offs, handstands, and even with complicated things, you can work on basic things. I also like that as someone who is getting a little older but still concerned at health it allows me to stay physically healthy as well as a social network of people who are the same age but still want to be active.

Megan: There are so many things that bring me joy about gymnastics.  The flying piece is what I have loved ever since a kid. I would tumble everywhere off coffee tables, couches, everything.  I almost go back into being a kid again- it’s just so much fun! It’s also a mental thing for me, I can get really bored easily.  I hate running I feel it is boring. Gymnastics uses your mind and body. It's’ real physics. Creating goals also allows me to feel like I am working towards something and that gives me a lot.  On top of a busy work schedule to be working on something for myself feels really good.


What do you love about doing gymnastics with friends?

Megan: It’s so fun because there is a consistent crew now.  After a tiring day at the office, I am excited to go to gymnastics but also see my friends If you see us before workouts were on the floor always running and giving each other big hugs. We are also such a supportive group.  We’re always cheering each other on. People will clap for you when they know what you are working towards. It’s such a fun and supportive group. We’ll often go out for drinks afterward, have time to chill. And its people that I might not exactly meet in my day today.  We all do very different things. I work in education so most of the people I interact with are from education backgrounds. With gymnastics, I am able to connect with people of different professions. It’s fun to extend my friend group in diverse ways.

Adamah: Yes, I echo that!  When people see gym like on TV I think people think it’s super competitive but where we go we cheer each other on.  When you see your friends working on something and nail it you are just as proud of them as they are. Also, gymnastics is international and so you can go anywhere and see people cheer each other on.  In our group of friends, we represent Russia, Poland, Egypt, Ireland, and America. Our friends did gymnastics in their home country and how they continue it here in NYC So it’s not just diverse occupations its diverse backgrounds.


How would you say your gymnastics connects to our social pillars at Wellvyl?

Wellvyl's Mind PillarHealthy Mind

Adamah: It’s great because you have to focus so much on the movement you are doing and you have to be quick in making decisions.  You have to change your focus, literally at the drop of a dime. So you have to be cognizant and alert. IT also helps you to focus on something that is just for you and your work.  I had a very stressful time at work this past year so for 90 minutes I would focus on nothing but gymnastics. I leave my phone off the mat. It gives me a break from everything else in my life and focuses on me on the floor.

Megan: It is such a work for your mind and it builds a lot of confidence and trust.  You know that you’re going to fall but you get back up again. This is one of the most important things gymnastics taught me.  I can do this but I have to put in the effort. This has branched out to other parts of my life I am capable and able to do this.

 Wellvyl's Body PillarHealthy Body

Megan: I think it’s pretty obvious but what places gymnastics apart is its strength, flexibility it’s really well rounded.  I have people come and the next day they are like ‘ah I’m feeling these muscles that I haven’t before.

Adamah: I’ve done a lot of workouts to help gymnastics skills.  I do pushups work on my calves, and now, for example, I am working on my core because you need to be able to engage it quickly for gymnastics.

Wellvyl's Soul PillarHealthy Soul

Megan: How fun it is!   I know that I am going to have not just a good workout but a party.  Our coaches play the best music. Shout out to Jon B. his music tracks are the best. I feel I am back in HS. The endorphins also kick in and help me connect back to me and my soul.

Adamah: IT’s like climbing Mt. Everest.  For years, I have worked on a move called standing back tuck. I stopped doing it once on a trampoline and landed on my neck.  I was fine but it was a traumatic experience- if I was on the floor I would. I stopped doing it but then started doing it again and again. When I landed it was so good for my soul.  When I could do it again without a spot it felt like I had climbed a mountain. IT was confidence, you can do it! That’s good for your soul. There is also a community of gymnastics that is so good for my soul.  It’s like Cheers, everybody knows your name! We know the name of the people behind the front desk, coaches, it’s a community. We give hugs, sit around with your friends, dance and flip. It’s heavenly.

Wellvyl's Social PillarHealthy Social

Adamah: People can naturally connect here because it’s an open class.  Most gyms in the city host open hours at any given time. You will have people who come often and people who don’t.  But we go up to people who are new and introduce ourselves. We form groups to hang out outside of the class too, similar to the hangouts we’ve formed with our core gymnastics friends. We went to see the world championships and ended up linking up with our coaches from Chelsea Piers.  We also have a regular habit of going to a competition in the NYC area. We’ll announce “hey we’re looking to go to a competition, pumpkin patch, or beach, who wants to go?”

Megan: Yeah and do many things with our gymnastics friends outside of class.  Even with our coaches. Sometimes gymnastics things sometimes not.

Any fun adventures come out of this:

Megan: So far two years in a row we’ve done a cabin trip.  This year we also went to the Poconos, it was super fun. We try to plan things, especially in the winter because it is a good time to get away from the city.Healthy Fun                                                                         Our annual cabin getaway

What other thoughts do you have to share with our readers?

Adamah: Look for activities where you can expand your network and try something new.  NYC tends to have redundant circles and it would be the same people- even just one degree of separation.  Look for something new. It’s New York there are so many wonderful people here. Find something that fits you and is sustainable. Something that comforts me is seeing gymnasts who are older than me. 40s 50s, 60s, 70s, so I know I can continue to enjoy this sport well into my older age.

Megan: Don’t feel turned off if you haven’t done gymnastics before.  But for my soul, it was so good because I had done it when I was younger.  Generally being able to connect brings that kid back out in me. If you are really stuck on new things to try think of ‘what made me happy as a kid’

Sound like you want to give gymnastics a try?  Check out the schedule at Chelsea Piers.

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