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March is Women's History Month we are highlighting some pretty bad ass ladies who are making a name for themselves in the health and wellness industry.

The green beauty scene is booming and these two fabulous women are breaking ground with their green beauty products D.I.D. Nail Paint & Amberlight Beauty You can meet Adrienne and Dominyka at Athleta Flatiron's Look Your Best Inside Out Event is on Friday, March 9th.

Enjoy a fitness fashion show with posture expert from JobUFit Alessa Cardi, Aveda creating a braid bar, massages, D.I.D. nail paint doing mini manicures and a raffle give away from Amberlight Beauty PLUS major in-store sale of 25% off !!! Time to grab a bad ass woman in your life and go get pampered!

More info on Athleta Flatiron's Look Your Best Inside Out Event HERE.



Creator of D.I.D Nail Paint

RACHEL TOLEDO: What inspired you to create D.I.D. Nail Paint?  

ADRIENNE BLANKS: The inspiration for the brand came from the frustration of repeatedly purchasing nail polish that took 3 or 4 coats to achieve full coverage. Some colors were misleading and did not look the way I expected them took look on the nails. As a nail technician, I also learned about how many toxic chemicals were found in the leading brands and I wanted to do something about it. This is why I developed D.I.D. Nail Paint, I made sure the products were free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and camphor; and I made sure to add a soy-based, non-acetone nail polish remover to the lineup as well. These are all chemicals that can cause respiratory issues, reproductive issues, and a whole host of other problems that we don't need while just trying to keep our nails looking good!


RT: What does the D.I.D. stand for?

AB: D.I.D. stands for: Dream. Imagine. Design.


RT: Why is soy-based nail polish remover better for your nails?

AB: Not only does nail polish remover with acetone have a harsh smell, it is also very drying on your nail beds and cuticles. Dry nail beds can become flaky, thin and break easily because the nail has been stripped of its natural oils. Dry, cracked cuticles can make your nails vulnerable to infections. As an alternative, I created The Remover, a soy-based, non-acetone nail polish remover that easily wipes away color with a pleasant smell, leaving your nails ready for a fresh paint job. Your cuticles feel more moisturized and the polish is removed from your nails without stripping the natural oils from your body that keep your nails healthy and strong.


RT: Any tips for our readers to keep their nails strong and healthy?

AB: When filing your nails, be careful not to file rigorously back and forth on the nail like a saw. Doing so will cause your nails to be flaky and jagged in the long run. Instead, it is better to file your nails in on direction, from the side to the center until you reach your desired shape. Use a buffer to smooth out the ridges on your nail beds, not a nail file. Lastly, always use base-coat and top coat when doing your own manis at home. Your DIY manicure will last longer and be using a base coat will prevent the color from staining your nails, especially when wearing shades like red or navy blue.




Skincare entrepreneur, Model & Founder of Amberlight Beauty

RACHEL TOLEDO How long have you been a model? Have you seen a lot of changes with the #Metoo movement and exposes like the Boston Globe Spotlight did regarding the model industry?

DOMINYKA GAJAUSKAITE:I have been modeling for over a decade. I have definitely seen it all and had to stand up for myself quite a few times, but mainly I have been very lucky in my modeling path. The changes in the fashion industry are very slow, but it is happening. I think the main change that has to happen is the attitude of our representations.  Boston Globe article isn’t wrong in its question of the sides taken between client, agency and a model and yet we are all working symbiotically in that we all rely on each other. Without one you can't have the other.

RT: Now there is the Model Mafia trying to get better protection for the model industry. What do you think agents and clients can do to better protect models?

DG: I am a member of Model Mafia led by the fantastic supermodel/activist Cameron Russell. There are now many codes of conduct, but the one that has the interest purely for models is yet to come. I think this is mainly because in the US there is no models union. Unlike in the UK, where I was a committee member as well and worked on releasing the code of conduct signed by Vogue UK in 2013. Model Alliance is doing a fantastic job too. I think with all the mindful groups and models things will change for us, as together we are stronger. Once the clients and agents will hear our voices and understand that what we need is common sense protection laws like safe work environment, regular breaks, sane work hours and on time payments - the industry will be a better place for all. We are getting organized and we shall be loud and clear with what we need. I just hope that the responsibility for all the Harvey Weinsteins in the fashion industry will be banned forever and the new ones will know that they won't get away with this anymore. The big bosses of all the magazines, brands have to take responsibility too, I know some have and I am positive that this is now the only way.

RT: You are the creator of Amberlight Beauty. Can you tell us a little about the brand? Why did you create it? What are your thoughts on the importance of using “cleaner” beauty products?

DG: Amberlight Beauty is a botanical small batch/range skincare, inspired by Baltic amber and ancient knowledge of powerful plants. We love rose for your beautiful heart openness and fine line erasing. We love chamomile for calming your senses and all the unwanted reds. We love frankincense with sandalwood to bring you back to the basics and healing properties for your beautiful glowing skin. We love argan oil for clenching hydration, squalane, meadowfoam, and jojoba to balance and protect your youth from the harsh environment. We use organic ingredients where possible, as the integrity of the ingredients are extremely important to us. People behind the ingredient harvest are also important to us, that's why one of our suppliers are women co op’s in Ghana called ‘Fair Tale’. We are very conscious about our packaging too, as we understand sustainability consequences.

I started being interested in green beauty six, seven years ago, when at one of the London’s fashion week shows a makeup artist announced she will be using prep skincare and make up that is better for me and my skin. It slightly puzzled me, how conventional, every pharmacy skincare and makeup is ‘not good for our skin’ as I was a regular at beauty parlors and been obsessed with all the skincare and make up for a long time. So I made it my mission to find out all that I can about it. It did help that I was a chemistry student at that time and when I started to read labels and understand ingredients I did notice that there a lot of harsh and unnecessary ingredients on most of the labels I read. From there I went on studying cosmetic science and little by little created our mindful skincare.

Clean skincare is as important as whole foods and regular exercise for us. Who wants to use skincare on their face or body that can sit on the shelf for five years? Would you eat a sandwich that has an expiration date of five years? I didn't think so. All the preservatives and fillers that are used for such a long shelf life cannot be healthy and at times harsh not only for our skin but internal organs too. Natural, organic and overall mindful skincare uses preservation systems that don't sit on a shelf for five years perhaps, but you can be sure that many nutrients and vitamins advertised on the labels don't live for five years either. We also must understand that there is no quick fix and only with kind to yourself lifestyle we will achieve the longevity of youth that we want.

RT: What's your favorite beauty tip?

There are so many, but here is one you will thank me for, haha. Do your masks before you wash your hair every time and that way it will become your routine and you won't forget to feed your skin with more nourishing products. I know I need a reminder to do masks few times a week and with making it my ritual before I wash my hair, now I never forget!

FOLLOW DOMINYKA ON IG: @dominykag @amberlightbeauty @dominykag_portfolio

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More info on Athleta Flatiron's Look Your Best Event HERE.