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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

It takes a lot of balls to venture onto the path of entrepreneurship. And it seems that everyone is trying to become their own boss.  

Look at your Facebook feed or FB messages, the amount of balls is exponential. Your inbox is over-run with messages from people (who you barely knew from high school) who are now “entrepreneurs” all wanting to “personally invite you to join them on an exciting business opportunity” aka trying this new face cream I am selling. Just look at the results! Your high school acquaintance claims that these products are miraculous and will change your life! It all seems like SPAM.

CTRL + ALT delete.

It is not just your high school acquaintances who are on an “entrepreneurial journey” with one of the many marketing companies pedaling eye cream, essential oils, or leggings. Your real friends of the non-digital space are on this “journey” as well.

Yes, we should encourage and support our friends who are taking major risks to start businesses of their own. There is no question about that. However, the illusion MLM companies promise their “independent consultants” is built upon capitalizing on close relationships. In other words, your friends who are on this “entrepreneurial journey” are encouraged to hustle those who they socially interact with.

The commercialization of friendship relations or 'warm leads' which is required in the MLM marketing programs, is unhealthy for all individuals involved. It is inherently destructive to hit your friends up with a sales pitch for products they can easily get for much cheaper on Amazon Prime. Capitalizing upon family ties and loyalties of friendships in order to build a business can destroy one’s social foundation. It places stress on relationships that may never return to their original bases of love, loyalty, and support.

When our friends begin to see us as a potential customer, our once enjoyable report has become disingenuous. Every interaction we have with them is a sales pitch. I have no choice but to avoid you like the plague. Sadly, our MLM friends are adamant in claiming that they care about our skin, health, etc, and that is why they are “sharing” these great products with me.  

If our friends were truly “sharing” these products with us, there would be no need for me to surrender my debit card information to them. When friends “share” with one another, there is not the expectation of acquiring a monetary profit because it is selfless giving based on unconditional love. This is why friendship is a gift.

To push sales on friends is to cheapen them. It only reveals that the only value they see in me is not in our relationship but in my purchasing potential. It prompts me to think if they every valued our friendship at all.  

With MLM friends, the trust and intimacy fade. To the friend who I used to confide in, who I trusted with my vulnerability, please do not suggest what oils I should use to help my struggle with depression and anxiety. We both know that putting a few drops of lavender in the diffuser will not treat my serotonin chemical imbalance.

To step over the line like that takes some serious balls.