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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Trump is the reason for a lot of changes in the spirit here in America. Most bad, but also some good. More of us are uniting despite the divisiveness your president encourages. It is like we all now have a common enemy to fight against Americans. How sad is it that we are referring to the president of the United States as an enemy against the United States? Yes, it is really sad. But nonetheless, it has united my people in a way I have never seen. We are now focused on the same things: unity, empowerment, freedom, and safety. Amongst many other things.

My whole life, I have appreciated the diversity in my neighborhood. Even my neighbors who have come and gone in my building. I remember there being Africans, Jewish, Dominican, Puerto Rican, and more types of people here in the Bronx. And my parents and family members spoke to everyone. I moved to New Jersey in my 20's and even there I was always around a diverse group of people. Mostly, Haitians. I was able to learn so much from this new culture. And guess what, most of the people I am thinking back on are immigrants.

And that means, that there is certain sadness. In their eyes. There is a fear. Most of all these people are no longer feeling safe in their living spaces. Now they live in fear. Their children hoping their caretakers are not taken away. Every time the doorbell rings or there is a hard knock on the door, its like, is this it?

This is yet a way that politics are creating more and more barriers to keep us from connecting. How can we get to know one other if we are scared of even sharing any little part about ourselves?

How does one fight the villain of loneliness if we have no choice but to isolate ourselves? Out of fear deportation. Some of the most brilliant and nice people I know live like this now. I can relate it to how the perception of Muslim New Yorkers changed in an instant after 9/11. Nothing was the same.

This leads to more solutions to the problem of divisiveness right now. Ways that we can all unite and learn from each other. Listening. Being patient. Cautious and sensitive to everyone's feelings. Asking questions. And being apologetic if we offend. Do not get defensive. Take those opportunities as ones to learn.