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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial



Diets are super trendy. They come and they go. Tomorrow is not only a better day, but a chance for a better eating regiment that will drastically improve your life. This is the message that is constantly pushed to us through magazines, Instagram feeds, friends, and celebrities.


Celebrities sometimes have to change their appearance to fit upcoming roles or even to fit into their dream dresses and suits for public appearances. You may have followed your favorite celebrity through their journey of giving birth to a newborn child. A few weeks later, you might begin to wonder, whatever happened to all that baby weight?  In a society that celebrates the perceived flawlessness of influences and celebrities, what they eat plays a huge factor in what we want to eat.


When it comes to diets, there are a lot of restrictions and rules. Honestly, when it comes to celebrity diet culture, rules are meant to be broken.



Before we can begin to understand the dangers of blindly following the latest diet fads, we must begin to understand the pros and cons of each diet. Each one may have a different effect on you depending on age, weight, body type, and lifestyle. So before you begin to think about eating your way into the body and glowing skin of Beyonce, be sure to review the information below.




Beyonce & JayZ are not your only vegan celebrities. They are; however, the ones that treat it as a trend. You’ll hear many vegans treat the diet as a lifestyle meaning they abstain from animal products in items ranging from food to clothing to bedding.


While veganism packs a ton of benefits, not knowing all you need to can lead to detrimental effects on your health beginning with a lack of B-12 consumption, a vitamin ingredient typically found in meat.




According to Cosmopolitan, Kate Middleton is all about this new French-inspired eating craze. C’est la vie. In just four phases, creator Pierre Dukan will have you looking as slender as Brigitte Bardot in her prime.

The first phases begin with pure protein followed by the second which introduces vegetables into the equation. Before the fourth phase of going back to enjoying your usual eating habits, you can finally introduce bread back into your diet after a few weeks. No Thanks!




Madonna is a huge supporter of this macro-fad; however, according to the Observer, “most macro eaters are not primarily concerned with weight loss, but health.” If you are concerned with satiating your appetite, this diet may not be for you. Your metabolism will thank you later.


Alkaline Diet 


Kate Hudson is this fad ’s biggest fan. While it has it benefits, it may be difficult to maintain. In an article with Independent, An alkaline diet would end up restricting B12, and could lead to anemia, fatigue, mood disturbances, and accelerated brain aging.” It’s better to know before you try.




No joke. But Gwyneth Paltrow is rumored to enjoy a bit of baby food in place of her first two meals of the day. Is the weight loss really worth giving up the things your body needs and wants?




Mariah Carey swears that eating purple vegetables helps lose weight added during pregnancy according to the Independent. Sean Combs (aka Puff Daddy) enjoys applesauce with all his meals.


Paleo and Keto diets. Mick Jagger indulges in a keto diet in order to keep the swagger in his moves. Halle Berry keeps her youthful melanin shining with the keto diet as well, but according to Women’s Health Mag, she hates diets and prefers the term, “lifestyle change.” Stars such as Matthew MccConaughey and Jessica Biel use the Paleo diet to shed water weight.


Which one is right for you? Which one is right for your body? Change yourself by focusing on the true you. Practice exercising positive thoughts about yourself. Balance your intake. It is always okay to cheat and indulge in your cravings.


Remember your body is a temple. In order to live your best life, you must be your best self. No need to compare or try to be like celebrities. It starts with you in order to live better and be better