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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Body language is the most direct form of language, to me. Men lie, women lie, body language doesn’t. When it comes to physical and sexual attraction, body language is the determining factor. Chemistry is undeniable. You can tell when sparks are flying or red flags are waving.


You can be out enjoying the city and all its glory, then suddenly, you feel something that calls your attention, your eyes meet. And instantly, they lock. It’s just fireworks and two souls connecting, sometimes even… it feels like a reunion. Oh, what a feeling. Body language confirms both of you are on the same page. Time seems to move differently when this happens. It’s sort of a magnetic force pulling you together, and you start talking about your surroundings while reading the body language conversation that’s also happening in live time.


There’s a rush. An excitement that you feel in the pit of your soul and your dopamine levels are oozing as they rise because honestly. You two are a match. The night progresses and you both know the basics, where you from, what you do for a living, what brings you out tonight? Time is passing you by, and now you’re at a bar getting some more drinks. You both laugh at this inside joke. You already have inside jokes?! Wow. This is different. Hold up, what time is it?



This is the power of chemistry and as humans, our instinctual desire is to connect with each other. We love the familiarity we feel instantly with strangers. I know you. You know me. Even if it’s our very first meeting.


Somehow we all know each other, we’ve been here before, our bodies notice. It takes a few minutes for our minds to catch up depending on how in tune we are with ourselves.


It’s such a wonderful feeling to connect like a magnetic puzzle piece with someone that seems to get you in such a short time. This is what makes us want to invest more time, learn more about this new person, experience life and continually enjoy the company that feels to be so fulfilling. This is how we build up enough courage to say you know what? I will try this relationship thing again, I met someone who awakens the desire to be committed. For many of us, first impressions are all we need to decide our future with people we meet. Body language speaks the loudest.


In NYC alone there are 8.623 million people, factor in the entire NY state for a solid 19.85 million residents. The odds are meeting people you have solid connections within the first meeting, are slim… but very promising. The great thing about using body language as a compass when it comes to relationships, building and sustaining them becomes very easy, body language doesn’t lie. Words hold as much meaning as the action that supports it. The action becomes a reactor to the energy. The vibe. The body will reveal it every time. Take the time to reflect on all of your relationships, how they started the vibe and body language you seem to recall so vividly. Notice how when you were open, how well things flowed… your body let you know first.