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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Can envy be a good thing?

One of my favorite television shows of all time is an anime (Japanese cartoon) called Full Metal Alchemist. One of my favorite characters, Envy was one of the main antagonists of the show and also by far one of the cruelest characters. Envy is joyful when joking around and delighting in human despair. Envy would kill without hesitation and usually mindfucks with someone’s emotion to have a psychological advantage, even going as far as starting a huge war in the show that ruined the lives of thousands of people in a single move. Envy (who is an androgynous manmade being called a Homunculus) was very jealous of the overall camaraderie that human beings share and this was the motivator behind Envy’s purpose in life. Envy is also shapeshaper whose end goal is to make human beings fight each other and suffer.


If we were to encounter and/or even experienced an “Envy” in real life, though not as extreme as in the character in the show, I bet you would feel you quite displaced in some way. Usually, when we envy someone or something, it can be a malicious feeling of wanting something you don’t have. Not to be confused with jealously, which is the feeling of being threatened of losing something, envy is all about wishing for something you don’t have. Long story short, is the encounter of envy can be potentially beneficial? Depends. Envying something is an uncomfortable experience and you may loathe the feeling of being inadequate, but this can be a good motivator to change your life for the better.


From my personal experience, I can be envious when people, especially in the creative industry are getting better opportunities than myself. I would feel that I am as talented and gifted, but didn’t get the chance to be seen. I would get this burning sense of rage of fury and at times, spitefully envious. However, as I grew older, I often take a step back to assess why I am not aligned to the opportunities in the first place.  According to this article I read from Psychology Online, “instead of focusing on what isn't in your control, can you shift to focusing on what is in your control to change for yourself” Is it possible that the person you envy took some steps that you either didn't think of or you avoided?”  In other words, the people that I envy most likely took more risks than me, stepped out of their comfort zone to get to where they needed to be.


This should be the main reason why “envy” can be a good thing. You learned that something is desired and often someone you know has it. For example, instead of complaining that someone has better genetics or is on steroids when you see a body that you wish to have, make the commitment to eat better, sleep more and work out. You don’t know if that person may invest in a personal trainer while you was busy trying to find the easy way out. The journey of leading a life is not easy, definitely if you must, definitely books and audiobooks of self-improvement is a huge step toward. Check out our 5 Audiobooks to listen to now and use “Envy” as a motivator to get what you deserve, not to throw shade of someone’s hard work.