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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Happy Hour may at first have its appeal,  With its promises of half-priced drinks, you are guaranteed to “take the edge off” your stressful day. However, those discounted beverages do not help the overall function of your brain nor do they even offer a better mood. Hitting the bars post work to cope with the most tension-filled of days is certainly not sustainable for your overall well-being.

A Green Alternative

In recent years, scientists have published studies concerning the beneficial medicinal properties of cannabinoids, or chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. Evidence from numerous clinical trials reveals that Cannabidiol  (CBD), one of the chemical compounds derived from cannabis, naturally contains a wealth of benefits that significantly outstrip artificial or synthetic substances.

But will it get me high?

No, it does not. The chemical compound THC is what produces the feeling of “being high”. CBD has a different molecular structure that does not render psychoactive effects.

According to medical research, the entire human body has a system of naturally occurring cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptor sites. CB1 (cannabinoid) receptors are located  in our brain, nervous system, and connective tissues. CB2 receptors are in the immune system. THC modules bind directly to the CB1 receptors in the brain, producing that blissful “high” you get from smoking good ol’ Mary Jane.  

What is makes it different is that CBD does not directly stimulate CB1 & 2 receptors the way that THC molecules do . Instead, its molecules interact with those receptors indirectly. CBD has therapeutic effects regarding stress and anxiety because it helps boost the signaling of serotonin receptors within the brain.

Where’s the Hook Up?

I spoke with Cory Nick, founder and CEO of Natural Extracts, who gave me the low-down about CBD. Cory, a passionate entrepreneur, three years ago saw a need in the New York Market to provide quality cannabinoid-rich hemp oil products as a  contemporary alternative to enhance well-being. Deeply committed, Cory personally oversees all product lab testings to ensure all ingredients are free of GMOs, pesticides, and sourced from 100% organic hemp.  The New York-based CBD oil manufacturer explained to me that Cannabidiol is legal in the State of New York nor does it fall under the Controlled Substance Act. Though you can purchase CBD oil at vape shops, Cory advised me that I would find better quality oils at health food stores. Natural Extracts manufactures both THC-Free products as well as “Full Spectrum” hemp oils that contain trace amounts of THC. Cory made sure to clarify that “The ‘Full Spectrum’ oils are all under the legal THC level threshold of .03%. These oils are just a little bit more potent”.

Do I need to roll a joint? How do I take it?

The methods of accessing CBD are versatile. You can ingest cannabinoid oil by swallowing a capsule, or just placing a few drops under your tongue for a minute. You can even purchase it in as edible gummies or add a few drops of oil into your smoothie or coffee. However, if you need rapid relief from acute stress, try puffing on a cannabinoid vaporizing pen. Your lungs absorb CBD faster than through your digestive system. Within minutes, your hemp oil vape pen can give you rapid relief when unexpected stress occurs.  

What To Look For?

Since it has come to the market, there are many brands of CBD oil that may not have the best quality. Here are Cory’s recommendations to consider when purchasing Cannabidiol oil:

1.Because the cannabis plant  pulls toxins from the ground, you want to be sure that the supplier is growing hemp organically in low pollution environments.

  1.  Look for a CO2 extraction method that maintains whole plant integrity.
  2. Avoid CBD isolates. Many products are made from Isolates, because it's cheaper to produce.  CBD isolates have been proven to be less effective and in some cases even harmful. You want a whole plant extract.
  3. Be careful with companies who focus on the percentage of their CBD oil vs actual CBD mg per dose and/or bottle. Because the quality of the hemp oi is paramount, a higher percentage of low quality CBD will be less effective than a lower percentage of high quality.
  4. Always make sure the company discloses lab test result to ensure there is no heavy metals or contaminants in the oil.

Remember,  you may think more CBD oil is better but this reasoning will render its effect counter productive.

Stress already does a number on our emotions, brain, and body, your Happy Hour “buzz” does not in any way serve to heal it. Be kind to your stress with a plant-based alternative.