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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

There is a rhythmic miracle going on within all of us. We all share in it at every waking moment. However most of the time, we are not only unconscious of its flow, our breath.

Transformational coach Nevsah has made it her life’s work to guide others into awakening into their own potential through the power of our breath.  

After studying architecture, Nevsah decided to change her life totally and chose the spiritual path. She lived in India for some time where she received her breath therapy and meditation training in 2003. She worked as a certified Transformational Breath facilitator and trainer for 4 years.

She was the first person bringing transformational breath to Turkey and she trained more than 2000 people in 4 years. Inspired by transformational breathing, holistic breathing, breathing therapy, rebirthing, quantum physics, life coaching and meditation tools.

In 2008, Nevsah started developing her own system with a group of psychologists and neuroscientists. She has been the founder and president of NFS School of Life for 11 years, has worked with more than 100.000 people in her seminars, meetings, private sessions, and workshops.

I was fortunate enough to interview Nevsah about what her revolutionary Miracle Course that she offers.

AMY: What inspired you to come up with the idea of teaching the Miracle Course?

NEVSAH:  I have been meditating and working on myself since I was a little kid. My grandmother was a Sufi master so I grew up learning about surrendering while many people were in the control. I realized I had this amazing gift and I could support people to surrender and relax their breathing and change their dysfunctional breath. Breathing and life habits. So I got training in breathwork, coaching, respiration and behavioral science and developed my own system. It got really successful in Europe. More than 100,000 people finished The Miracle Course.

What kinds of topics will you cover?

We analyze your breathing habits and coach you with basic behavioural science rules. We then work on your thinking habits because our thinking habits affect our breathing and how we live our lives.

A Course In Miracles was a big influence on me because it's exactly the same way I see the world. There is a lot of information and lecturing going on right now about miracle consciousness and truth. The Miracle Course is actually a big awakening for the human mind. You can read books and go to seminars but if you don't change your cellular memory you cannot be be happy or healthy or successful. You have to change who you are not just how you think and that's why The Miracle Course is so successful.

Who can attend?

The Miracle Course is open to everyone ages 12 and up

Why and how does having meaning in our life make us healthier individuals? How will having a meaningful life contribute to the overall social wellness of our society?

We are in the business of transforming the human mind into the next level. Where everything and anything can be possible in life. Literally not just in your mind but in your world. I see many people got it in their mind but because they did not change their breathing behaviours and cellular memory started pretending which is worse. You cannot fake positive energy. You are either there and you are living your dream life or you are not there yet. Imagine everyone being fulfilled in their lives. Happy and healthy and rich. The whole human experience would change right? It does. It does for people who take the course.

How will your experience as a breath coach play into the course?

I am actually not a breath coach.  I train and lead breath coaches so that they can support people in my seminars.  There will be one breath coach for every 4-5 participants in the course and that will make the whole difference. They will be coaching our participants one by one analysing their breaths and supporting them the whole time.

How does breathwork help overcome personal limitations?

All personal limitations are dysfunctional breathing habits. Our breathing regulates our body oh which as you know affects how we feel,  think and in the end behave. You become a totally different person literally when you have a functional breathing ha it and when negative emotions and thoughts don't get triggered because your body pooh stays neutral. People are working hard trying to get rid of their limits but for you to do that easily you have to change your breathing habit which you probably learn when you were a little child and that limits you without even you knowing about it. Breathing habits are learned by or physiology.  If you don't change what your physiology is doing without you in the there is no way you can go over your limits.

How could the Miracle Course improve overall social wellness in NYC? How can the Miracle Course improve the way interact with each other?

When we don't have negative feelings and thoughts,  when these don't get triggered because of our breathing habits we start connecting with each other.  Many people who finished the miracle course reported that they had healthier, fulfilling relationships they never had before.  They usually report that the connection with their natural breath and themselves keep them connected with their environment.

The power of transformation is already within ourselves. It is only a matter of be willing to awaken to its possibilities.

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