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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Social media has become such a normalized part of our daily lives. We have become obsessed with the idea of perfection. We scroll, we like, we love and repost our projected idea of ‘perfect’ in every aspect. Whether it is showcasing our looks, lifestyle, music or art, we’ve become heavily reliant on social media to craft our ideals. While this can be motivation, for some it is detrimental.

Our inner voice as we look in the mirror affects us deeper than outer voices. At times our inner voice is drowning out the positive reinforcements from outsiders. We want so badly to deny others’ compliments. Belittling our physical beauty to the point we become bothered and annoyed when anyone tries to tell us how beautiful we truly are. This mentality has affected many of us at different points in our lives.

We end up carrying this mentality and applying it to how we post on social media. We become self-conscious and begin to believe the world views us in the same way we are viewing ourselves. We can take over 100 selfies, spending hours picking the perfect photo that hides all of our flaws. Back in 2014, Google reported that 93 million selfies were taken daily, and that’s just data from Android devices. Imagine the amount today, and including the iPhone? We perfect our angles and filters to highlight “the little bit of beauty we possess under all this ugly”, it’s crazy.

Don’t let us consider our friends gorgeous, we may not even want to pose next to them without feeling the ugly duckling complex. We praise “flawless” celebrities on social media with tons of followers, in ways we refuse to praise ourselves. Out of pure disbelief that we can measure up to them. We have to mind how we view ourselves and align that with who we know ourselves to be on the inside. That is the REAL us, not the projected version of who we feel we need to be. We do not all need to be the stereotypical physique that is trending to be accepted by society.

With how much time we spend looking on Instagram and the other social media platforms, we can all become so consumed with the illusion. We are now in the age of the sudden overnight body transformations; disguised under the “workouts and diet teas” facade. It is easy to get lost in what is real.

As a culture we are moving away from body shaming. And beginning to accept each person as they are (surgically enhanced or not). Yet, we are still body shaming ourselves. We devalue how we were created the moment we start comparing our body types to another’s. According to Statistic Brain’s latest survey, around 80% of women say the images of women in the media makes them feel insecure.

Many women believe they will become more confident by investing in surgery. However, the more confident you are in your own skin aides you in achieving the healthiest version of your body, with no surgery needed. 40% of women state they would consider surgery in the future. The mentality behind this decision will ensure whether or not surgery can be both the best and the most satisfactory route long term.

The mind is a powerful tool and beauty is in the eye of the beholder... how do you view your body, and what does it say about how you feel about yourself?

Do you find others complimenting your shape just for your awkward rebuttal, unable to accept the compliment because you simply just don’t see it?

“Perfect” bodies on social media DOES NOT define health. Using #bodygoals as motivation doesn’t hurt. Just don’t go crazy. As we are lucky enough to grow older, our bodies are going to change. As we evolve, of course, we want to feel healthy. We should strive for a healthy mind, body, and soul during every stage in our lives. And only with those well-rounded goals, will we be content with who stares back at us in the mirror. That inner voice will begin to lighten up.

Understand what makes your body special. Ask yourself, why do you feel the way you do about your body? There could be something deeper. It is worth investigating.