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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

“A love will let you know how much they respect you” was one of the most memorable quotes I received growing up. Raised in the family oriented and friendly town of Maplewood, New Jersey, I am always familiar with the borderless love of race, sexuality, and religion; given that Maplewood has one of the highest rates of interracial marriages and one of the first towns to embrace and allow same-sex marriages. Despite the privilege of my upbringings of this remarkable diversity, I always had in the back of my head, often a harrowing thought of how much my lovely, quaint hometown is also a bubble from the real world. The majority of the world still rejects the idea of same-sex marriage, let alone some third-world countries has it not only to be illegal but would administer life sentences in jail, worse, the death penalty if caught in a single same-sex act.

As we dance through PRIDE month, the world is constantly becoming more LGBTQ+ inclusive. Huge conglomerates such as Mastercard, Google, and MGM. As the largest hotel resort and entertainment company, MGM Resorts launched a powerful campaign alongside  McCann New York entitled “Universal Love”, celebrating  LGBTQ+ love and marriage. Given that Las Vegas is the wedding capital of world and marriages over time has included the same-sex marriages.

MGM resorts wanted to make a wedding album that is more geared towards the LGBT. In order to increase tolerant attitudes towards same-sex marriages, they partnered up with iconic musical artists to recreate traditionally heterosexual love songs as same-sex wedding tunes.


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Artists like Ke$ha, Valerie June, Benjamin Gibbard, St. Vincent, Kele Okereke and even the legendary Bob Dylan delivers a fresh rendition of familiar songs such as My Girl, by swapping out “he” and “she”pronouns (See the song My Guy by Kele Okereke) and pair them with a same-sex voice. Despite the initial idea of bringing such stars to co-sign such a project and then sell it, the album not only received more than a billion impressions across the major outlets around the globe, but it did well just in time for PRIDE month.LGBT couples getting married now have an album to represent their unconditional love.


And for a more emotional was how Ke$ha became an ordained minister in order to marry her two best friends, two women that love each other who had to wait for years to be legally married in the United States. Not to mention, to have a legend like Bob Dylan sing about gay love really sets the tone from earlier generations to be more accepting of the community at this time of age; we can finally have wedding music more inclusive to all communities.


Sometimes it's by embracing humanity and creating a project that helps to push the world forward.

-Universal Love

Universal Love went on performing well on the charts and showed this was a project that not only very well received but has a very special place in the growing LGBTQ wedding industry. MGM is in the works of the second volume with different performing artists. In honor of PRIDE month, businesses not only celebrate the LGBTQ+  community, but the idea of universal love is worth breaking down a few traditions to show this. Wedding songs should celebrate the partners of union and this album is a beautiful start. We still have long ways to go before more art, media and movie narratives focus on what universal love should look like, but we all know among ourselves that universal love is not only powerful but limitless.