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| By Wellvyl Media

On the most recent episode of Wellvyl's podcast, P.R. sits with Frank Mena. A Brooklyn-native who works in his community, as well with Mastermind Connect and Universe City in Brownsville. This is a good one!

About Frank:
"A Brooklynite since birth, Franklyn “Frank” Mena’s work ethic and attention to detail have being key in the success of a number of organizations. At the early age of 15 Frank began to work with his mother as an assistant at Cruse Realty. Becoming licensed he became the youngest top-producer two years in a row, earning a six-figure income by the time he turned 18.

In time, Frank became President of Buzz Builder a branding, marketing and consulting firm, while also co-founding the Generation of International Growth Society, a non-profit organization focused on inspiring youth and misunderstood elders seeking assistance in pursuing their life passions.

Frank currently works as a teaching artist for the Coalition for Hispanic Family Services, along with being the director of Community Affairs for Mastermind Connect, spearheading the Young Masterminds Initiative.

Blessed with many knowledgeable mentors, Frank is now looking to use this knowledge to inspire and assist our youth and elderly bridge the gap between them, assisting in creating a better future for all."